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Hedler Russo - New Beat (TINKTWICE022)


Hedler Russo - New Beat (TINKTWICE022)

This somewhat apologetically named New Beat bares all the marks of a brilliant gush of emotional genius: it is sincere, transparent, original and unpredictable. Warm pads convey beauty, harshly contrasted by a nasty and off grid arpeggiated bass line while a deep sub layer floats under a hot break beat. The stand-out moment is the piano breakdown that serves as a beautiful interlude for the grand reprise at the end. 

Pre-order here - https://www.juno.co.uk/products/helder-russo-church-music/641237-01/

Helder Russo is the youngest of eleven, raised in Lisbon in a family from the island of Santiago, Cabo Verde. He’s a prolific music producer with a couple of heavy releases on Groovement Recordings and as half of Gatupreto on TINK!.

Russo’s music is thought out and solid, his reference list is long and diverse, citing Rhythm & Sound in the same context as Miles Davis, Sade, the late great MJ, Boo Williams, Carl Craig or Jay Dilla. The result is a soundtrack composed with care and attention - detailed and rich though still powerful and present.