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Hang Yourself Records Party @ The Ivy House, London - 20/03/17

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Hang Yourself Records Party @ The Ivy House, London - 20/03/17

The inevitable by-product of spending two years in Catford armed with only a dusty PlayStation 2 for exclusive entertainment, Hang Yourself Records have had plenty of time to curate their identity as a label. They have overseen four unique releases so far, and have plenty of experience throwing their bi-annual parties.

Their next party lands on Monday 20th March—save the date. Don’t be put off by the *Monday* night tagline; you can watch the heraldic Coronation Street-EastEnders-Coronation Street triumvirate on catch-up, and it’s not like you ever do anything on Tuesday morning anyway. 

Bolstered by collaborations with Loose Lips’ Medallion Man and semi-professional politico-piss-takers SPIT Magazine (picture Private Eye meticulously tipexed on the back of a toilet cubicle), Hang Yourself return with one of their biggest line-ups to date. Even if you don’t like the music, everyone can have a laugh at a crude Theresa May caricature, can’t they?

Back to the music—the million dollar question at hand—convinced yet? y-e-t? You can expect:

- Misery-guts Dennis are headlining, thereby all-but-guaranteeing their blend of stomping abrasiveness. This bunch of young go-getters will be playing their whole album off the back of recent recordings with All the Madmen Records. Let’s face it, Hang Yourself don’t have the means to release a whole LP themselves. 

- Eighteen months since their last gig, Sports Day are knocking about again. The band who lace their tunes with a bunch of sickly E-numbers are back from the brink for a real collector’s item of a show. Are they still any good?

- Darren’s Nightmare write poetry you can dry your hands with. Lots of noise in the background. Better than it sounds. 

Hang Yourself guarantee a fun night full of good music, good people and high-fives all round. Get there for 8 p.m. to catch the whole thing. 

By Sam Pengelly | Loose Lips


Hang Yourself Records Party

Monday 20th March, 8pm

The Ivy House, Nunhead, SE15 3B