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Gruth - Somnum Exterreri I (feat. Db55) (UUU24)


Gruth - Somnum Exterreri I (feat. Db55) (UUU24)

Somnum Exterreri I is an unadulterated, twenty minutes descent into dark, dreamlike territories. No haste here, as time doesn't count anymore.

From Gruth's Somnum Exterreri LP on Urubu Tapes.

Out soon on limited cassette and digital - https://urubutapes.bandcamp.com/


Lisbon-based artist André Trindade and his Urubu Tapes are back with another sound/visual object. The label’s 24th carefully crafted limited edition cassette comes with the sounds of Finnish artist Juha Puuperä’s Gruth project's latest offering. A continuation and progression of the ideas explored in 2018’s Laments for Tormenta Electrica, Somnum Exterreri consists of two long pieces composed as “tools for sleep concert DJ’s”. The album further investigates the fusion of neo-classical with elements of industrial, ritual ambient and noise music.