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Gruth & Ikola - Severely Decomposed (TE001)


Gruth & Ikola - Severely Decomposed (TE001)

A brutal encounter...an excerpt from the first release of a new Uruguayan label, Tormenta Electrica. 

From Gruth's 'Futile Demise EP', out now on digital and 12" limited edition vinyl. 

Order digital: https://gruth.bandcamp.com/album/futile-demise-ep
and 12" release: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/gruth-ikola-kujo-futile-demise-ep/684519-01/



Futile Demise EP is an emotional and disconcerting journey through the mind of Finnish artist Juha Puuperä. Drawing on influences from Norwegian black metal, UK sound system culture and Italian horror cinema of the 1970s, Gruth mixes dark and aggressive tones in his sonic palette. His production methods are often experimental and the style rarely fits into one box as it spans forward-thinking techno, black ambient and doom industrial. 

With his EP, Gruth shapes Montevideo-based Tormenta Electrica label's first release. Of the four tracks featured, two are collaborations with the Finnish techno and ambient artist Ikola, known for his Etherwerks label, while the mysterious Helsinki-based violinist and sound designer KuJo contributes to the other two.