Loose Lips

Georgia Muldrow - Pink Cow (Farmadelica Sound)


Georgia Muldrow - Pink Cow (Farmadelica Sound)

A Neo Soul gem from Georgia Muldrow featuring on this incredibly varied compilation. Including music from Scanner feat. Mika Vainio, Eraldo Bernocchi, David Abbruzzese & Shawn Smith and JK Flesh, amongst many others.

From Music2HealthEarth VA compilation on Farmadelica Sound.

Out 13.10 on digital and CD - Check http://m2heal.com for more infos about this project.



M2Heal, as expressed through the power of music, is a collection of artists and enlightened leaders that have lent their voices and talent to bring awareness to the social and environmental responsibility each of us have on behalf of the planet.

The collection was inspired by the award-winning documentary  We Know Not What We Do: http://weknownotwhatwedo.net/

M2Heal aspires to shift the old paradigm of not knowing what we’re doing to an elevated awareness of knowing EXACTLY what we’re doing and how we can take both social and environmental steps to create a better world for ourselves and future generation.

We have embraced the concept of coming together as a global collective to affect change both worldwide and regionally/locally. A kinder, gentler approach is in alignment with what the Earth needs right now; kindness and compassion communicated through the vibratory content of music and the spoken word.

M2Heal will honor those organizations making strides in their communities with a portion of all album and awareness concert proceeds.

M2Heal is curated by Composer/Producer Howard "Merlin" Wulkan. His wife, media executive Lainie Sevante Wulkan directs all global marketing efforts. Released by Farmadelica Sound/InGrooves/Universal Distribution October 2018.