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Galaxian - Impossible Promises (LP13)


Galaxian - Impossible Promises (LP13)

Greek label and electro specialists, Lower Parts, have signed up Glasgow-based producer Galaxian for a new six track EP, Dosing The Population.


Our premiered track, ‘Impossible Promises’, layers up skittish drum patterns and blurring synths into something frenzied and paranoid!

The EP is available on 12" and digitally on the 12th April. Pre-order here - www.juno.co.uk/products/galaxian…lation/642168-01/.



Razor sharp percussion writhes with syncopated broken conversations. Cinematic ambient vistas twist into pacey waste ground electronics. Cavernous sonic ambiences morph into claustrophobic poly-rhythms. A sound as equally varied as it is evocative, Galaxian comfortably occupies a space outside of the easily definable genres of today. His sound is often hard to classify and pigeonhole but never less than absorbing. He’s never an artist to become stagnant or take the obvious route.

Releases on labels including Last Known Trajectory and more recently with DJ Stingray on Shipwrec are both distinctive and remarkably vital and have further cemented his reputation for pushing boundaries in unexpected and exciting new directions. A provocative visual style, political and philosophical attitude further submerge the listener in Galaxian’s visions and ideas. Kitted out in trademark helmet and mask, as if to foresee a collapse of the current social fabric, his live shows are dripping with raw energy and atmosphere generating an immersive experience which commands attention.

2017 promises a host of 12" releases. Harnessing his appetite for an uncompromising and authentic approach, Galaxian proceeds to challenge, defy and redefine the sonic parameters.