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Follies - Not Right Now


Follies - Not Right Now

Spoken words gently floating over Follies' pulsating Jazzy arrangement, visually augmented by the movements of dancer IJ Chan in a rainbow of neons lights in this video by Deirdre Beck.

From Follies' Interloper EP.

Out now on digital - Order: https://folliesfollies.bandcamp.com/album/interloper

Follies - "Not Right Now" (Official Music Video) from Deirdre Beck on Vimeo.


Follies is the folk-gone-electronic project of music producer, Kate Siefker.
The solo endeavor first began in the bedrooms, basements, and venues of Bloomington, IN, in 2013, as an acoustic project. As the performances progressed, her live shows began incorporating electronic instruments alongside the acoustic. 

After years of captivating audiences with her live arrangements of textures and effects, both acoustic and electronic alike, Siefker, decided to put out some private demos and works from her early creative process in the release Grave Matters.

Following this release, Siefker, focused on her studio skills and set out to create her own unique sound through sampling friends, herself, and others to create a one-of-a-kind, whirlwind of sonic palettes and grooves which are now highlighted in her latest EP, Interloper, out now.

The work is a testament to the power of solitude and resilience in creation.