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Fluctuosa - Vulpina (SDAD002)


Fluctuosa - Vulpina (SDAD002)

Keep your brain dancing!

Vulpina is part of the album 'Gastropods', available from the 30th October here - https://sitdownandance.bandcamp.com



Fluctuosa is the producer and DJ identity of Dogukan Acar, who is part of the Istanbul based electro/IDM/braindance community & label, Sitdownandance. Acar took interest in acoustic/experimental instruments at an early age, which then soon led him to Auroville in India.

A year after he moved back to Istanbul, Dogukan joined forces with Salih Topuz and Vayb, the crew that founded Sitdownandance. During that period he took stage with the likes of Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, Aleksi Perala & Ceephax Acid Crew! With this experience, and a ton of work on his own live sets, he is now releasing his first album, Gastropods!