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EQ Why - Juke Pack Vol 1


EQ Why - Juke Pack Vol 1

The footwork formula is a confounding one. Stock 808 drum kit sounds, vocal chops and sample loops are a lean recipe, yet fresh takes from the limited ingredients turn up every day, 2 decades on.  Switch the emphasis from the rhythms to the melodies and you suddenly have a different genre.

Juke Pack Vol 1 is the embodiment of less is more. Toms bounce along to Megan Thee Stallion, moody, muffled, choppy piano chords underneath. Hypnotic chants of ‘shake it’ over growling bass, pounding toms and infinite claps. Haunting guitars over sinister raps. The foundations make it clear that EQ Why is a Chicago native, and the subtle tradition additions like skittering hi-hats show the production experience. It’s not easy to get into for new listeners – unapologetically raw in style, and the focus on rhythm might be a bit much if you’re never explored these BPMs before - yet that’s exactly what the OG footwork sound is all about. It’s all over in 15 minutes, and each entry is begging to tear up the dancefloor arena on the regular. Essential listening for footwork fanatics.

Juke Pack Vol 1 is out now as a bonus collection for The JUKEade: A Decade of Juke (2009-2019).