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EOD - Swurlk EP (bbbbbb)

Release Review

EOD - Swurlk EP (bbbbbb)

EOD has a reputation for crafting gems that somehow manage to sound deceptively simple, yet lusciously full of detailed production and sonic sparkle. EOD’s latest is no exception and takes the sound a step further, in its presentation to a broader crowd. Released in summer 2017 on Bjarki's bbbbbb label and EOD's Bandcamp page, the Swurlk EP has already not only caught my attention, but also many other admirers of the trademark EOD sound of analogue synth-laced acid house and electro. 

The joyous melodies of Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix) are driven by densely-programmed drums. Arp movements provide additional synthetic sonic texture and novelty to this well-known track. 

On Evenhark, melancholic melodies and drifty pads float over a relentless broken beat. Acid squelches pulsate in a subdued and chirpy fashion, with the massively-phat electro bass providing further wobbly resonance. This is a personal favourite I've already played in a few of my mixes. 

The pace is upped on Swarm with delay-driven techno beats and electro drones designed to tear dancefloors and raves apart. Trademark 909 drum hits punch through hypnotic synths, which seem to rise in cacophony, together with various FXs that cut twists and turns across the track. 

Closing the EP, ‘ELCASET_TESTGROOVE’ enters another dimension, bringing electro-breakbeat into the fore, with a nod toward gear-naming tracks. Processed through an analog tape recorder, the final track bears the name of this odd-sized cassette format and characteristic punch. Streams of acid interact with simple, analog leads and pads.