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This Monday September 11th Kitkatone’s new label ENOTAKTIK was born. The first EP on the label has been playing on repeat on my iPod for the past couple of weeks and the more I listen to it, the more it blooms.

We're delighted to premiere 'Dun With' alongside this interview with Kitkatone.

ENOTAKTIK001 is an intense record, in which the creative energy of Ilkka Koistinen comes out in its delicate force. Hypnotic, dense, with textured layers intertwining like colourful lights in the smoke. Dynamic rhythm patterns give all 4 tracks their very personal dancing power, even though all are clearly perfected for big rooms.

The sound design is beautiful. Great dedication has been put into sculpting each track, carefully balancing delays and reverbs to amplify the space between the elements, giving them the right amount of air to flow freely.

It’s surprising thus the reason that actually led Kitkatone to create a label for this EP:

“It was in Spring 2017, and I had been sending demo after demo to different labels that I had some contact with, and it seemed like my sound just didn’t match with their musical alignment… and sending demos to labels you don’t really have personal affinity with is frustrating, many never even reply. So I realised that the only way for me was to start an imprint upon which I could release my tracks.”

The idea then took form…

ENOTAKTIK is KITKATONE written backwards. The name has emphasis on my vision for the label as a very personal imprint for my music.

(Even though translated directly from Finnish, ENOTAKTIK would mean “Uncle tactic” — but it was not my intention…)” — he amusedly adds.

Despite his low key personality, Kitkatone is not shy. With a vinyl release coming as a statement of confidence in his own vision of techno, perhaps “uncle tactic” is not such a bad nickname for ENOTAKTIK…

“I wanted to do a vinyl release because I believe it makes it stand out from the mass - I reckon vinyl generally gets more respect in the community, too. It is a credible calling card.

But I also just love vinyl!”

Given the capacity constraints the industry faces when it comes to pressing solutions, it was a bold move that took a lot of persistence:

“I’d say it’s not that simple to do a vinyl release really. I did ask quite a few places to find a distributor that handles both pressing and distribution, so I consider myself pretty damn lucky to get a deal with Vinylfuture (the company behind deejay.de)."

To make the work holistic, Ilkka is also behind the album art:

“Label art is important for me and I think it’s actually a big part of the record itself - I often pick vinyls for listening by the art if don’t know the names. 

Since photographing has been a pretty serious hobby of mine for several years, I do appreciate good photographs and that’s the reason I wanted my own shot on the B-side of the record. I’m also very happy with the A-side graphics we created with my good friend, DJ Man Jorge. He’s a professional with this kind of stuff, so I’m really thankful for him!

The plan is to do similar artwork for the next releases. I like to have a continuity on them.”

With such a personality to all facets of the label, is there room for other artists or collaborations?

“Well at this point my vision is pretty much to only put out my own tracks. I guess you might say it’s got something to do with having a full control of the music released...but the future is not for my eyes to see, so if everything is rolling smoothly, there can be a possibility to release other artist's music too.” 

You can now preview my favourite track of the record, the A2 Dun, exclusively on Loose Lips (see embed at top of article).

Shout out to Alhek for another great job mastering, and thanks to Kitkatone for the words and the music.



Released September 15, 2017