Loose Lips


Release Review


MELT is a fresh compilation released by the ELM Collective in digital format and limited edition cassette tapes (only 20 tapes - celebrating ELMC’s 20th release - congratulations!).

It features 14 artists whose tracks represent a fine selection of the underground electronic music, broadly labeled as Braindance / IDM. It also features very lush psychedelic artwork by Ed Milo, which complements the overall tape design. 

The sonic melting begins with broken Braindance-y beats and warm pastoral melodies, building up acid steam to blast off to (inner)space, where it explores a synthesis of various electronic genres and returns, delivering the sonic goods.

Velum Break and Woodpecking Mantis slowly start with gentle melodies, working up subtle craziness and twist acid squeaks in the mix, whilst flexing chopped beats - something to which Fxbip contributes greatly with his doomfunk Breakcore mindfuckery. 

Nike_Vomita presents an offering in a similar chopped-up mayhem terrain, however with a slew of synthetic sounds, bleeps and hits, evoking a much more relaxed and gentle atmosphere even if serving it with a seemingly colder sonic palette.

je1ku lands us in the chilled out ambience zone with a track that manages to be mellow even with the looped Techno breakbeat, giving it character and attitude together with the rough sound production values reminiscent of the 90s. 

Eggshell Goblin continues in this style with the positive atmospheres and samples served on top of rough ‘n’ phat, sliced ‘n’ diced beats, delivering a short but sweet track with a sample story backdrop. 

Danny Playamaqui makes the melting more intense; the melodies take a more melancholic & dramatic sound as the breaks get an increasingly more complex treatment and the dripping acid lines distort the mind.

Eazykill drops a heavy bass & break track, sounding quite punchy and clubby, although a bit short and cut.

Tunnel One mellows it a wee bit with a more experimental take on Electro / Braindance - big bass booms and nicely whack stereo beats keep us grooving whilst synthetic and rhodesy melodies make it relaxed.

Similarly, Gemini Archives have it floating with cool synthetic melodies and a more chilled beat.

Iconic Black Suit catapults us back into funky beat territory, with Jungle rhythm explorations accompanied by a selection of 3rd ear Acid assaults done in his iconic Braindance style.

Bill Vortex continues with more synthetic junglistic mayhem, showcasing great FX manipulation skills and track funkin' up IDM tactics. 

XoArK serves more upbeat sonic swirls with his sample-laced Breakcore that pushes the tempo and sounds sweet, but stops a bit short.

Dr. Doctor melts us back into reality at the end of the compilation with a lush soulful Trip-Hop number featuring pulsating synths that sound like they gently talk to each other in analogue & binary languages.

Overall, the compilation delivers an uplifting vibe and sees the varied ELM Collective going to new strengths in exploring electronic music with a Braindance legacy.

Out now on digital and limited cassette.