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EDITOR'S PICK: Stinkin Slumrok & Morriarchi - MORRSTINKIN EP

Release Review

EDITOR'S PICK: Stinkin Slumrok & Morriarchi - MORRSTINKIN EP

This Tuesday, our editor Matt Hardy looks back to Ross' insight into Blah Records' finest...

You get to know Stinkin Slumrok and his producer collaborator Morriarchi quite well over the 9 tracks on the MORRSTINKIN release. Slumrok is an MC with a rich vocabulary and an arsenal of sneering accents, comfortable over any beat Morriarchi can throw at him. He’s extremely versatile, with a wicked sense of humour, spitting profane jokes and vicious burns in between hilarious deadpan like “so fucking drunk that I can’t tie my shoes.” Morriarchi, of Sheffield, is a low-key living legend in UK hip-hop. His production is immaculate and he elevates the humorously profane raps of the Blah crew. His album Buggzville Sessions is noticeable for its insect-obsessed samples, presented horror movie-style, creeping and scientific over electroacoustic interludes. 

On “F.A.M.M,” there’s a hilarious string of momma jokes delivered through Stinkin Slumrok’s signature two-steppin flow. “Early in the morning” wards off demons with liquor and spliff smoke. The rhymes are juiciest where the haze is heavy, on tracks like “Early…” and “Pipedreems.”

The production on MORRSTINKIN is especially sparse, and to great effect - elevating the rhymes above the gloomy production. The overall result is a modern UK take on boom-bap and golden age hip hop, the stuff that’s being flipped endlessly by Dilla minions on Soundcloud. But in Morriarchi’s beats nothing is familiar. Industrial noise invades the lounge vibes; “Indacity” throws classic urban imagery over an RnB shuffle. For new listeners, MORRSTINKIN will be an immersive introduction to both artists wide-reaching yet unique styles. Standouts “Diplomatic” and “Lightspeed” are catchy and clever, and the album is held together by a thick, smoky knit of raps perfect for kicking back to. Check out the video for “Madness.”

MORRSTINKIN was released on transparent, limited edition vinyl, via Blah Records on the 17th Feb 2017.


A1 Madness 

A2 F.A.M.M 

A3 Diplomatic 

A4 Early In The Morning ft. Trellion & Flowtecs 

B5 Pipedreems 

B6 Lightspeed 

B7 2 Left Feet 

B8 In Da City ft. Bisk 

B9 Fuego ft. Dirty Dike, Bisk & Black Josh