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Editors Pick: Rico Casazza - First Law

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Editors Pick: Rico Casazza - First Law

For this weeks Editors' Pick, Richard Meaney selects Jack Bradbury's preview of Rico Casazza - First Law. An exquisite blend of driving and atmospheric acid house, it's available on his Bandcamp to listen & buy now!

Rico Casazza’s new three track EP “First Law” is perfect for someone looking for an acid sound that is both driving and atmospheric. The thick as molasses bass, runs deep under a layer of airy atmospheric pads and swirling sci-fi effects that provides an aura of mystery and intrigue while keeping feet glued to the floor. 

The opening track of the EP, which shares its title “First Law”, has a warm crackling pad introduce the piece, swelling like waves constantly throughout. This is followed with the subtle building of an acid melody that becomes more apparent later on in the track with the signature acid squelch. On top of this is a thin layer of vintage strings that add tension in certain areas of the track. The title track certainly establishes this EP in its deeper attitude to the acid sound.

Sink Flute” then follows up, opening with a very cool bit of sound design in the form of an organic rhythmic element that takes up the main focus of the track, which provides the main groove alongside the smooth acid bass line. The distant like vocals keep the track interesting, moving around space past your speakers, leaving ghostly ambience in their wake.

And lastly, the final “204” track feels like the natural conclusion of Rico’s concept of pure and simple acid house. The acid baseline is there again but this time its centre stage, surrounded by soft warm pads and swirling SFX.

The EP conjures up visions of late night car rides though the city and the feeling of tentative excitement before entering a club or a warehouse party - its nostalgic vibe is sure to carry across onto any dance floor.

Rico Casazza - First Law EP
Out now on digital