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Editor's Pick: Peev - Inflict EP (NOSR007)

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Editor's Pick: Peev - Inflict EP (NOSR007)

This week's Editor's Pick by Blaise proves that quantity doesn't always equate to quality. A subtly short creative piece by Blake Creighton, it looks between the lines of each track on PEEV's excellent Inflict EP to create a hauntingly industrial narrative. 

Entering the fenced off area, as a grey fog lingers above your head for as far as you can see, a haunting static floats around the wasteland that was once an electrical town. Only a week on from the disaster, the souls who once walked around and ran the town hold a presence through a heaving energy lingering in the damp air, intensifying with every step taken in an effort to reach the core generator, shut it down, and restore stability to the town.

The sudden realisation of the tragedy that occurred in this small town hits you, as voices of the souls whom became lost linger in the heavy air. Each careful step you take across the dark, misty clearing holds an immense weight, gradually taking you over to the large rusty iron compound that holds the generator. As you pull open the heavy steel door and close it behind you, the static in the air intensifies, applying immense pressure on your already ringing ears. Loudly closing one door after another, as you nervously make your way deeper into the clammy industrial build, a sudden click shut of the door before you leaves you breathless and locked in a large, damp, degenerating room. In the seconds that follow your entrapment, an eerie laughter echoes throughout the outside halls, encapsulating you in fear and isolation before an ever-longing silence.

Paris-based PEEV has brewed two dark and dramatic tracks 'Inflict' and 'Medea' for No Suits Records. Holding a comfortable darkness whilst relinquishing distorted ambience amidst thundering bass and percussion, both tracks inhabit a doom and gloom atmosphere that many producers shy away from. PEEV's experience within post-punk and electronic scenes over the years has paved the way for a welcomingly dark release, and many more are expected in due time. For now, wallow in the somber two-track limited edition "12".



Released May 22, 2017