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Eazykill - GotO OtoD (ÍÎϪ§∂∆G∑>–}(:8®ªÎn ©µ¬t)


Eazykill - GotO OtoD (ÍÎϪ§∂∆G∑>–}(:8®ªÎn ©µ¬t)

PREMIERE: Eazykill - GotO OtoD (ÍÎϪ§∂∆G∑>–}(:8®ªÎn ©µ¬t)

Loose Lips·Thursday, 20 April 201744 reads

We've got a very special premiere for you today! IDM at its best - reflective atmospheres accompanying euphoric synths & twisted rhythms.

The album is released on the 21st April via limited edition cassette - massagebraincult.bandcamp.com



Ezekiel B. Weiner, AKA Eazykill, is a special electronic musician, born in 1992. Hailing from Culver City, in Los Angeles California, he discovered his affinity for the piano at 5 years old. Though he spent the next ten years of his life composing, he wouldn't release his first album until he was about the age of 15. It was a year later that he found inspiration from the works of Aphex Twin, Bob Dylan and The Tuss.

The album, Scherzo, was fuelled by his own genre idea of "HATEpop" (or, Horrifyingly Ambient Terribly Electronic pop). Idiosyncrasies like this would continue to be a recurrence in Ezekiel's music, monikers, and even his life - in his high school, he won their Larry Jimmerson Award for being a "Unique and Special" individual; from 2011 to 2012 he began releasing under the aliases Chaos Gnome and Zer0x.

In 2013 he released iZoph-0 on the Kaleidoscopic net-label, alongside artists such as Soundscape Oblivion and Beren One. After releasing several albums with them under his original Eazykill persona, he switched over to the label Xephem Records. He has been steadily releasing with Color Squad Records in addition, accumulating an exceptional amount of releases. Some claim he has the most tracks posted on SoundCloud at over 15,000, though it may very well be more with his elusive names - Hydrogone?, Ghosts and Aliens, 0/0, the list goes on...

He is currently residing in the middle of Pennsylvania.