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Dr. Nojoke - Inventing Importance


Dr. Nojoke - Inventing Importance

Anticipating the release of Dr Nojoke's Inventing Importance LP on his own CLIKNO imprint, we've premiered Chirpim, a unique Dub Techno-meets-Click-House track and took the opportunity to ask Bogdan, the man behind the alias, a few interesting questions.

Hi, Bogdan. How are you doing? Could you introduce CLIKNO in a few words?

Hi. I´m doing fine, thanks. 

Since my friend Caro C from Manchester named my music CLIKNO once ago I use that term for all my music productions under Dr.Nojoke. It allows me to play around stylistically and, indeed, my tracks cover a wider range of styles often hard to categorize.

In 2017, I founded then the CLIKNO label as a hub for my own productions and relaunched it one year later as a vinyl label, but also digital releases are possible in the future.

I released on so many labels worldwide and I quite often wasn´t really satisfied - from the mastering over to the artwork, to the promotion and support - so I decided finally to do it myself so I can produce and create works that represent my vision. I subsum under CLIKNO all my influences, all what crosses my sphere.

CLIKNO for me is an interface between experimental music and groove, art and club. So, one side of CLIKNO is the music itself and the other side is the combination with other disciplines. Every artform has different ways of expression and so they alltogether can tell more than just one form can.

The word CLIKNO is originally put together from Clicks&Cuts (Mille Plateaux samplers around 2000) and Techno (I love the arty minimal from around the turn of the millenium) and a third part, which is more unclear and can be anything else. Somewhere in this triangle, I move around and explore sounds and grooves.

You’re working with 2 other artists, mixing different kinds of mediums: music, literature and visual art.
What is your methodology to achieve a coherence between those mediums

With my new record Inventing Importance, I introduce a new series: the MAT editions, which combines music, art and text.
To be honest, I don´t know if that really works. I just follow my intuition and my taste. It is coherent when I feel it.
I scan my network of friends and colleagues and bring them together. I work only with people who I know, who I like and who I trust. So the product is also a manifestation of friendships. 

Jonathan Canupp is an old friend from UNOIKI, my label-collective, which is sleeping at the moment. Jon is a mustidisciplinary artist and, just this year when I was looking for an artwork, he put some of his works on his instagram profile. It was hard to choose from, but I am very happy with the result now. 

Timo, a professional graphic designer with his own agency, helped me to select. He created also the outstanding graphic design, the new CLIKNO MAT editions logo and the lay-out under his preudonym 52°N, under which he aims to work for the sake of creativity away from the commercial rules of his agency.

Included is also a writing from Marianne Kjaer Klausen. She wrote already texts for diverse UNOIKI CDs and two of my previous albums Unexpressed and Falling & Walking. She is an actress, choreograper and philosopher with an open mind and, like me, always on search, exploring thoughts and structures. 

The MAT editions are conceived as a series. While the artworks will be from diverse rising artists, Marianne is responsible for the literary aspects over the course of the whole series. We were talking just roughly about some topics. We agreed on writings, that raise questions about humanity and our social and political environment. Where do we see ourselves with our good intentions facing increasing right-wing populism and social problems, descreasing democratic rights, climate change, pullution, extinction of insects and generally control, manipulation, fears in friction between individual, national and economic interests of big corporate industry.

We both don´t want to give answers, but create awareness of what is going on because without awareness, we cannot act.

CLIKNO kills fascists - lend from a famous similar phrase - stands for my intentions. If there is a message, then that, that we need to stand up against all forms of control and oppression, fight for an open and free world with equal rights for everybody.

How does art affect the way you listen or produce music?

Hahaha, another good and hard question. Well, I cannot really say how art does affect me, I would have to creep into my brain. I definitely can say that art plays a very important role for me. It is maybe my main source of inspiration. For instance sometimes when I visit an exhibition it feels like all the little gearwheels in my brain start turning faster and faster mechanically speaking. I am wide awake on input mode or so. 

I have similar moments when reading essays in the Feuilleton in the newspaper. Some phrases or artworks just trigger something in me, which I then have to express musically.

In the studio I grab artbooks for inspiration sometimes, start reading and wait what happens.


The track we’ve premiered today, ‘Chiripim’, is a unique Dub Techno number. Could you tell us a bit about the idea behind it?

When I was working on that number it definitely got that sort of dubtechno feel at some point and the music of Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman and such was popping up in my brain.

I thought I might give it a go myself and sang in a kind of that certain reggae style, but without any particular words, more like a sound poem quite in a dadaistic way. It is a play with vowals and consonants. Same counts fort he title(s). 

That´s what I aim for with all what I produce: to create something, that is full of associations, that is open for interpretation and perception, whether you dance to it or dream or work to it, something that inspires.

What are some of your most inspirational artists, from any medium?

Gosh, too many to name here. Also that changes over the years.

Techno- and house-wise Ricardo Villalobos, Plastikman in his Consumed and Closer phase, Jan Jelinek and Farben, the Clicks & Cuts compilations on Mille Plateaux, the Chain Reaction label, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, the Audio.nl label, Background Records and Karloff, early Echocord, Static Entertainment, Op.disc, …

Then Brian Eno in his Ambient phase and the albums he produced with Bowie and the Talking Heads, Robert Frippertronics, The Residents, Tuxedomoon, Steve Reich, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Cluster, Neu, Kraftwerk, Can, Burnt Friedman, Raime, Bing & Ruth, Pan American, Stereolab, Tortoise, Oren Ambarchi, Sonic Youth, Tim Hecker, Gas, Colin Stetson, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Pole and his ~scape label, Panasonic, Radian, the Miasmah label …

And Kubrick, Tarkowski, Olafur Eliasson, Christo, Warhol, Beuys, Dada, Fluxus and Bauhaus, The American case study houses, Alexander Calder, Jenny Holzer, Marina Abramovic, Christopher Bauder, AntiVJ/Joannie Lemercier, James Turrell, Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Sigmar Polke, Egon Schiele, Monet´s Water Lilies paintings …

And the list goes on …

Inventing Importance will be out on May 31st on CLIKNO on 12" and digital.
Pre-order now at https://clikno.bandcamp.com/