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Do the Du - Illusions ep


Do the Du - Illusions ep

In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of Do The Du until I was sent this record. As many of my friends know I almost accidentally consume knowledge (especially in terms of Music) with great ease, often causing borderline annoyance because I have usually heard tracks they send me to listen to. So naturally I was pleasantly surprised after digging into this Londoner’s new EP to then find he had released 3 more EPs on the same label as this one, Senseverse Records. This is his own label/project, and - as has become popular of late - it has only ever been used to release his own material. The mystery and intrigue swiftly became rife, as this was pretty much the only info I came across (which I already had anyway) whilst perusing various electronic realms.

So; Do The Du remains nameless, his info is scarce bar the odd slither of text to compliment his EPs AND he ritually designs, creates and assembles the handmade copies of each record, with each cover of the 300 being individually treated and bespoke. There is clearly some benign talent at play here, and on listening to his 4 releases, it cumulatively became clear that he is a man of the world characterised by pure talent.

The latest edition, entitled ‘Illusions’ is a hardware driven EP of jackin’ house and techno concoctions. The rawness inside it is also echoed across his other releases making his sound interestingly reliable and recognisable. Characterised by spontaneity and controlled via his trusty 303, the record insists on weirdness with a slice of simplicity. ‘Love Illusions’ starts by blending two sexually charged vocals with a bleeping, acidic bassline and classic Detroit perc with a mature competence. Next up, ‘House Illusions’ is of a similar construction, with crunchy stabs that have the air of a Morgan Geist production about them.  Track 3 is ‘Dancefloor Illusions’. This one is a clear-cut Detroit styled beast, with blatant hints of Sir Hood and The Wizard about it. ‘Sunrise Illusions’ is a glitchy trip of a track, with a pulsating 303 line causing considerable damage. The EP closes with ‘Illusions’, an ambient duet of creepy vocals ready made for opening DJ sets or peak time accapella weirdness.

His similarly cultivated EPs have combined to give him sonic mystique and appraisal from a number of DJs. Adding to the excellent vinyl he’s already released, Do The Du is a credible DJ and it’s absolutely worth checking out his sets on our affiliate station, Threads Radio.