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DnB Fix 40 - Altern8 - Hard Crew


DnB Fix 40 - Altern8 - Hard Crew

25 years after blasting onto the scene with massive singles like ‘Frequency’, Altern 8 have returned.  This week's Dnb Fix takes a closer look at Hard Crew, in all it's remixed glory, featuring the likes of Samurai Breaks, Denham Audio, Mechanizm & Kin.

Hard Crew sounds like it’s emerged from a perfectly preserved 1994 hard drive - vocal chops, rave stabs, noisy ambience, breaks and punchy kicks meld together on a warm mix - perfectly harkening back to classic rave vibes. 

Mechanizm & Kin’s remix brings the most agg: blistering amen chops paired up with a belting 808, as the vox pop in and out with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it halftime switch ups. Samurai Breaks comes up with some pure cheeky fun on his remix, skipping the lead into a bouncy 4x4 floor-thumper, vinyl scratches from DJM crossfading into proceedings at just the right moments. Denham Audio take the track in a more atmospheric direction, making it into a patient break roller. It’s one of those rare cases where each remix takes the original in a distinct and memorable direction - here’s to more bangers!

Hard Crew is out now and can be found at Altern8's Bandcamp.