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DnB Fix 037 – San - Half In (RUA010)


DnB Fix 037 – San - Half In (RUA010)

This week's DnB Fix has gone a bit off key; with our own Morgan stepping away from the vinyl only “proper Jungle" selects that usually grasp his attention, and into the proverbial dark side with a release on Rua Sound from the enigmatic San.

Bristol based producer San's (who at this point; is nothing short of a mystery, other than it’s an alias from an already established Techno artist) "The Subject 9 EP" arguably falls under the pretence of Future Jungle / Tech-step DnB, which would normally get left to the other members of the team. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say the release lacks the raw vibe and spirit of the old-skool. Hence why Morgan felt it deserves a big, BIG, shout out. 

Half In presents itself with the mannerisms of a late 90's Source Direct tune, with production skills that rival Sully and electrifying breakbeat edits that would hold themselves against the likes of Photek. 

Menacing, grainy and foreboding, San really pulls this track together with perfect decorum. Seamlessly merging the trepidatious atmosphere with exceptionally tight-knit drum cuts that have been meticulously calculated down to a T. 

With an absolutely timeless feel, this EP seems like a perfect nod to the pioneers and producers of an age when Drum and Bass gained it's traction and begun laying down those initial foundations. A pivotal point for the genre in which it would fly the proverbial nest that branded it merely as a sub-genre of Jungle, finding it’s wings for what would become one of the biggest dance music genres of the last 20 years. 

The Subject 9 EP released late last week and is available in digital and vinyl formats on the Rua Sound's Bandcamp.