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DnB Fix 035 – Phibes - Diva


DnB Fix 035 – Phibes - Diva

Another week in Drum & Bass has come and gone, but the spotlight is very much stuck on Phibes, with this week’s fix dedicated to the brothers' Third Dimension EP on the Born on Road imprint.

It’s pretty generally accepted, that growing up around brothers, there is going to be times where they don’t get along, fight and generally piss each other off; that said, the sentiment seems to be lost on Ryan and Scott Phibes; with the only conflict I can sense here, being between me trying to maintain some sort of professionalism and not bussin’ out the gun fingers whilst listening to this release in the office.

The track we are looking at this week is “Diva.” The track starts out pretty tame, with a strong vocal hook providing the build up within the introduction.  It’s at this point where the track really grabbed my attention. How such a simple change on the filter envelope really creates such an interesting sound is boggling to my inferior production skills; quickly adding to the depth and character of the track with some great sound engineering.  Throw in some funky jungle sounding drums and that faithful vocal; and Phibes have hit the nail on the head.

The rest of the release is equally powerful, title track “Third Dimension” is one to get ya grubby mitts on too, especially those who love a more jump up vibe to their deep rollers.

Grab it now at all major platforms!