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Dnb Fix 033: Wetman - Ride Snoop


Dnb Fix 033: Wetman - Ride Snoop

This week's DnB fix comes all the way from the other side of the pond, courtesy of Wetman, featuring on the Seattle based, Vivid Recordings. This latest release, The Wettening EP, is a five track journey of face melting, auditory opium.

Comprised of bass-heavy, dubbed out beats, sprawled well across the BPM spectrum. Wetman manages to create a floaty, sub-nautical dreamscape, In which he’s the captain; piloting you through the deepest and darkest depths.

Ride Snoop naturally takes place as the main focus for this review, although that’s not to say the whole release isn’t worthy of massive "big ups!". However, it does help tie-in to the Mantra we have here at DnB Fix Inc. Business lingo aside, Ride Snoop is a twisted Siren. Smashing her sweet amens around. Lulling the malleable minds of unsuspecting listeners to meet their makers. This is Jungle-Techno at it’s finest. Seductive, yet deadly.

The Wettening dropped on wax and digital earlier this summer. Some hard copies are still floating around on Red Eye so it is well worth getting one in the bag while you can.