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DnB Fix 032: Mystic State - Evermore & Close Thirteen


DnB Fix 032: Mystic State - Evermore & Close Thirteen

Mystic State have dropped this delightful collaboration on YUKU featuring the mighty War on the remix. YUKU’s vision is to deliver music which invokes an ‘island of experience and stimulation for the kinds of people who like to be surprised, those who aren’t satisfied to hear and experience the same things time and time again, as an oasis in the never-ending sea of digital information and consumerism’.  If big atmospherics and a bit of the experimental attract you, this one’s for you.

In Mystic State’s own words, Close Thirteen is “a slow-burning, spacious piece of art”. The mounting intensity rises with deep pads, and with that distinct vinyl crackle; it’s clear to see how the ‘atmospherics serve as a brooding ode to film soundtracks’. 

Tight 170 percussion kicks in, albeit more kick and less snare, which allows Close Thirteen the width to swell into something ideal for escaping into, much like many of Mystic State’s 140 outings. It’s a homage to autonomic dnb, intelligent and emotive, infusing dnb with ambience and soundscape. Though the track is somewhat sparse, the modest elements have so much attention to detail that the track is seriously vast. Definitely as ethereal as the sublime artwork which accompanies and sets the scene for this expansive sound. 

If Close Thirteen is calm and reflective, thematic as darker nights draw in, Evermore embraces this darkness. 

When I heard ‘Evermore’ I immediately heard the potential for a faster-paced, darker version. There’s lots of great harmonies and melancholia in there, and I really wanted to show how I would flip the drums and musical elements to give them a different, more hypnotic energy” 

Take War’s word for it; the ebb and flow of Evermore snakes around you to make one hypnotic and deep flex.


Buy on Bandcamp Now : https://yukumusic.bandcamp.com/album/evermore-close-thirteen