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DnB Fix 031: Chimpo - Another Chapter EP


DnB Fix 031: Chimpo - Another Chapter EP

Are you ready? Hands up. There’s no intro. There’s no easing in. If you’re looking for an ‘(Interlude)’ hallway through to calm you down, it isn’t here. Chimpo steps up to the plate in this week's DnB Fix; with his new release "Another Chapter" over on Box N Lock.

Another Chapter is pure Sicko Mode Chimpo (Drake feature not included). It’s twenty minutes of blistering, in-your-face energy. There’s rave stabs straight out of the 90s, raw grime squares from the noughties, there's even some familiar sounding bass pattern chopping on Cantankerous Business, but it’s this very combination of familiar sounds used in a much more hectic form which makes these bangers so much more fun, in that very Chimpo style. 

The songwriting is razor-sharp with every track setting a mood, getting into it and stopping before the intensity gets tiresome, plus the title track wraps up the whole rollercoaster on a lovely, uplifting note so you walk over to the smoking area skanking rather than punching walls. 

It’s not a sonic revelation, but there are no weak tracks either. That all killer no filler approach already makes it one of my favourite EPs of the year. Here’s to blasting these out on club sound systems in 2030.

You can grab the release over on the Box N Lock Bandcamp now!