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Dnb Fix 028 - CIA Limited 016


Dnb Fix 028 - CIA Limited 016

Total Science's Bristol Based imprint; CIA, are back once again with the ill behaviour. CIA Limited 016 is a heavy release featuring 2 massive tunes updated into 2 raucous remixes. Be Warned; this 2 track cut of pure rollage, is a serious security threat to your ears.

Side A is ironically named ‘Lightweight’. Don’t be fooled, this is only for the hardcore. What happens when you take an existing Drum & Bass anthem and get Break on the remix? The bomb that is ‘Lightweight’. It’s littered with Total Science samples, and stays pretty faithful to the original, though albeit with added madness. With rising tension from the offset, you can’t help feel excited knowing what the track is leading up to (come on, it’s TS & Break); a drop weightier than a black hole. Stabs, Growls, Hoovers, it’s all there in a frantic hypnotic swirl that makes this addictive roller seriously stand out for any bass head.

Side B has Ill truth on remix duties for Phaction’s ‘I Have You’ ft. Leo Wood. It’s a delicious build up, awash with a refreshed vibe and weighty amounts of funk, and as the vocal hook assures us ‘something good is going on’. 

Once the track drops, the main bass moves around to create intrigue, with a heavier reese coming in and out to shake things up. Piano is scattered through the track, as are some airy pads besides the mellifluous Leo Wood’s voice which creates a reflective mood although the track still goes in hard. ‘I have you’ is a proper atmospheric roller and definitely radiates that recognisable ‘Bristol’ sound. A great record for any occasion, and a great flip side to the hectic ‘Lightweight’. 

Unreal, unrelenting energy on this release that comes with a caution from CIA to all neighbours nationwide; you might not be able to stop playing this.

Released 11th of September// Digital & Vinyl.