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Dnb Fix 027 - Harka - Days Thinkin EP


Dnb Fix 027 - Harka - Days Thinkin EP

The Dreamers’ catalogue has always been about what’s possible rather than what’s already been done. This week's DnB Fix explores that with Harka.

He might wonder around the BPMs of drum and bass, but you’re more likely to hear Yung Chop snares, reggae vocals and J Dilla sirens than apache breaks (that’s in there too). His fluid, furious and non-stop movement doesn’t sound quite like anything else. 

The percs on Body Talkin’ might signal jungle, but the bassline feels hyper reggae. Days Talkin’ feels jazzy house in the language of footwork, surprise sax soaring it into a blissful plane. 45 mashes up halftime ingredients into donk-y 4x4 glory, and Haste sounds like grime if it was invented at a festival after-party.

There’s a fearless ambition to the experimentation. Sometimes the structural canvas moves in predictable directions, but when you’re working with paint combinations this different, it’s forgivable. Days Thinkin' can now be streamed via Spotify or bought over at The
Dreamers' Bandcamp.