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Dnb Fix 025 - Future Retro - Meeting of The Minds


Dnb Fix 025 -  Future Retro - Meeting of The Minds

Future Retro, the latest new record label focused towards releasing 90’s inspired Jungle and Hardcore pulls up into the limelight this week with their debut 2 part vinyl / digital release; 'Meeting of The Minds'. 

Cooked up from the infinitely amazing mind of Tim Reaper, Future Retro originally started out as a run of London based club nights however it has quickly evolved far beyond its humble beginnings. Now establishing itself as a potentially key label in the UK Jungle scene. 

Meeting of The Minds boasts a fierce ‘all-star’ collection of producers. Both volumes are comprised of 4 tracks each, all of which are collaborations from different artists working alongside Tim Reaper. Each track could easily merit it’s own feature, however I sadly can’t cover all of them in-depth otherwise we could be here until the end of summer. 

The one track that stands out the most has to be ‘Losing Control' by World Wide Epidemic & Tim Reaper on Vol. 2. With it’s choppy metallic breaks that sound like they’ve been plucked straight off an early Photek track, Losing Control does a great job of building a weighty atmosphere while maintaining a sense of composure. 

Meeting of The Minds is available digitally on streaming sites now and a few wax copies of Vol.2 are still up for preorder via band camp.