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DnB Fix 024 – Unknown Artist – Lovely001


DnB Fix 024 – Unknown Artist – Lovely001

Just in time for Summer, Unknown Artist has set the perfect sonic scene on this super sumptuous, remix EP of feel-good music all at 174bpm. Layered with cheeky samples, and good vibes, this non-bootleg bootleg is Lovely by name and nature. 

Unknown Artist is back on Fokuz Records, an imprint that’s really pushing the no cheese, quality liquid dnb sound. Unknown Artist, although a name shrouded in mystery, has made a name in drum & bass for producing world-class remixes. Be sure to check out Unknown Artist’s versions of ‘Hey Now’ and ‘Need to feel loved’, absolutely massive hits that need no introduction. 

Lovely001 is a delicious ride for the listener from start to finish, though there’s got to be a nod to the two stand-out tracks here. ‘Just Vibe With It’ is as smooth as can be, a wonderful rolling groove broken up with a little scratch here and there which really adds to the pace of the track. ‘Just Vibe With It’ breaks down into a hip-hop half-time change up with sparkling drops of piano, which is just fabulous.

‘You Know How To’ is a wonderful finish to the EP, assembled from a myriad of strings, flutes, samba drums, and euphoric vocals. Truly a funky number, shedding a little light on this Summer. 

Lovely001 suggests it’s the first of a series of these wonderful EP’s from Unknown Artist, and if so, we can’t wait to hear more. 

Available for digital download and Vinyl.