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Dnb Fix 021: Friske - A Different Perspective EP


Dnb Fix 021: Friske - A Different Perspective EP

Always a treat to see new releases from Metalheadz, especially when it’s a long-awaited EP from Friske. Here he offers up an impressive 16 tracks, no collabs, simply his own personal take on drum and bass. This album has been 3 years in the making and judging from the fantastic previews out already, it’s obvious this is one to watch.

Friske is known for his unique sound which is heavily influenced from outside the drum and bass genre. He incorporates his earlier B-boy and hip hop influences into the junglist sound. He’s not one to follow the mainstream trends, which naturally makes him compatible as part of the Metalheadz crew and a wider underground sound.

Eponymous first track ‘A Different Perspective’ is a little slower in nature, more like the original drum and bass sound from the early 90s. It’s a relaxed track, yet there’s just so much going on. It’s a little steppy, due to the great rhythm conjured from plenty of percussion and FX. Around 2 mins in, Friske brings in this brilliant pattern of subtle stabs, which just adds another dimension and direction to this tune.

There’s definitely a nod to early intelligent and atmospheric drum and bass here, which is also present in the track ‘Untitled Piano’ and ‘Introspect’. These tracks flow beautifully from start to finish, ‘Introspect’ is awash with soulful vocals, flutes, sparkling pads and summer style percussion; congos, and claves beset by a moving bass that just makes you feel good.  It’s refreshing when producers roll back on the massive buildups and drops and just let the track flow.

‘Untitled Piano’ is a little moodier in nature, a track which does build up to drop into a wall of atmospheric sound. The track is awash with reverb, featuring a massive bass and bright crispy breaks, with that gorgeous, emotive piano melody uniting all the other elements and carrying the track to new heights. And if we want to get really nerdy about it, dat snare tho. ‘Untitled Piano’ is a truly sublime slice of liquid, and a credit to the producer.  

After hearing those 3 previews, I’m excited to hear more when this drops on the 26th of June. Friske has previously released on Renegade Hardware and Metalheadz, so there’s bound to be some gnarly rollers and dark, unpredictable tunage in there too which will have that unforgettable lasting effect that Metalheadz so often puts out there.

Available here: backl.ink/adifferentperspective