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DnB Fix 020: Player - Goddard (DNBFS 008)


DnB Fix 020: Player - Goddard (DNBFS 008)

In the Drum and Bass industry, it’s not very often that an artist appears seemingly out of thin air. Years of honing your craft just to be given that one big shot has generally been the norm. But if 2020 hasn’t thrown enough curveball’s yet; here’s another, Goddard with a momentous debut on DnB Allstars, with “Player.” 

With his influences coming from the likes Maribou State and Bonobo more than that of Spirit and Intalex; its unsurprisingly obvious that Goddard’s path to DnB debut has been an exploratory one. Drum and Bass might not have started as his true love, but it’s one which has certainly been nurtured by Goddard. Clearly he’s also not shy of hard work; with the London based producer having previously carved his way across the house music spectrum; releases, remixes and radio shows all under his belt; all this hard work has inevitably culminated in his recent work. 

“Player” starts slow, atmospheric in its strings. Encapsulating the listener into a false sense of security; sultry female vocals help draw into its minimal percussion.  It’s this enviable simplicity where Goddard’s diverse palette truly shines through, in what he describes as “emotive and enriched sound.” Just as you're getting into the feel of this being a more minimal track superb bassline roars pulsate throughout, keeping up the momentum.

Goddard has genuinely given me the type of excitement I’d expected with my favourite seasoned veteran releasing a new EP; but without me having any previous exposure to his tunes... 

Goddard has had a truly strong start; with the combination of the enigmatic persona he’s built, and some serious production talent, I can't really ask for anything other than more of it.

You can cop the tune on all major platforms now.


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