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DnB Fix 016 - Coco Bryce - Bae Be Love EP [LTWHT019]


DnB Fix 016 - Coco Bryce - Bae Be Love EP [LTWHT019]

He's back at it once again, this week’s fix is from the Dutch mastermind Coco Bryce. His latest four track EP is set to drop on vinyl late next month, and the whole release is a corker. This guy has been on fire the past few years, with big releases coming out the wazoo; from his own label Myor Massiv to 7TH Storey Projects, Fresh 86 and now on Lobster Theremin.

It's hard to pick a definitive favourite from the EP as each track is beautifully crafted and faultless in their own way, however, the tune that instantly stands out to me is the first track of the B side - 'Smoke Screen'. The simple yet skilled use of harmonic vocal samples layered with a creamy filtered bass and melodic synth line all work perfectly in tandem to create a floaty dreamscape that charms the listener.

If Rollers were a sub-genre, this tune would be the final boss. I don't throw this accolade at it just because the bass line rolls harder than Chamillionaire but more so for how each section smoothly glides you through the motions, with no jarring transitions or spiky edges this track really plays itself and it really isn't a chore to re-listen to again and again.

Get over to Lobster Theremin and bag yourself a copy, it's well worth the tax.