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DnB Fix 013 - Med School - Graduation


DnB Fix 013 - Med School - Graduation

Having played host to much of the industry’s rising talent, amongst many big stars too; MedSchool has been at the forefront of Drum and Bass for over a decade, and this release is no exception. 

MedSchool has always touted itself as the trendsetter; having been set up back in 2006 by Hospital Records founders, Tony Coleman (London Elektricity) and Chris Goss, as a home to champion emerging talent and to offer a different yet equally well-crafted palette of sounds.

Back in September 2019, we were given some unfortunate news; after 13 years of operation, Med School was closing its doors; in an ode to the label, they put out a final few releases to close the year, alongside an Australian & New Zealand tour; with the promise of a final hurrah in the form of this week’s DnB Fix “Med School Graduation”.

There are too many incredible tracks on this EP to talk about; whether the EP is reminiscing it’s past with tunes like the VIP of S.P.Y’s “Black Flag” from 2006; showing off iconic producers with Etherwood’s “Nowhere to Go but Everywhere” or showing off the newer talent with “Techniquest” by AC13; one thing still shines through; and that’s the clear attention to detail and love that has always gone into the curation of both Med School and Hospital’s rosters.

“ Medschool was an amazing label for taking risks, from Syntax to The Erised and everything in between… Without risks and new talent, we cannot grow. Without you believing in our risks and new talent we are nothing.” - London Elektricity

The label will be sorely missed, but something tells me this is far from the end; maybe a new project is on the horizon for Tony and the team? Only time will tell.