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DnB Fix 008 – Data 3 – Molecular EP [Flexout Audio]


DnB Fix 008 – Data 3 – Molecular EP [Flexout Audio]

Introducing the sounds of the near future, with Data 3.  Legend has it that the trio met when they were all studying Particle Physics at The University of Hebden – located somewhere off the coast of Callisto, Jupiter’s second largest moon.

They have now chosen to direct their scientific talents to the study and production of Drum & Bass music, and this is the reason behind their choice of track names.

The Data 3 boys have really outdone themselves on this EP, these 4 huge tracks are guaranteed to go down a treat whatever the setting. Straight off the bat the EP makes a big statement with the titular production ‘Molecular’. It is already possible to hear that signature Data 3 style in the synths that they are using, and it is great to see progression in creating something similar to their previous work yet so simultaneously new and exciting. Fans that have been following them since day one are sure to be pleased with how this EP has turned out.

Favourite track on this one for us has got to be Molecular; however Photon is also a phenomenal production.