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DNB Fix 007 - Bluematter - Real (LORELTD004)


DNB Fix 007 - Bluematter - Real (LORELTD004)

We’ve been waiting a long time for this vinyl-only release from Bluematter—the collaboration between Jozef K & Thomas Ragsdale—on Bristol-based label Western Lore, run by Alex Eveson. We’re very happy to be premiering the opener, ‘Real’.

As long-time members of the electronic music scene, Bluematter has come through with a refreshing fusion of influences, effortlessly bringing junglism into the 21st century. Both nostalgic and timeless, they pay sharp attention to the history of the sound whilst still making their own unique contribution to the genre.

“What is speech? How do you define speech... if you’re talking about what you can feel?”

—the looping vocal sample rings like an alarm over crisp breaks and an ominous bassline attack, before descending into full chaos around the half-way mark. Intense and otherworldly, you should expect to hear this icey banger at only the most evil underground events as winter thaws. 

You’ll also want to pick up the record for the spacey and hypnotic ‘Zeus’, ‘Bunker’, and ambient closer ‘Crystal’. Stricly for the hardcore.

LORE LTD 004 is available 21st February on Bandcamp.