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DnB Fix 006 - Alert & Waiting EP - FFF


DnB Fix 006 - Alert & Waiting EP - FFF

Alert & Waiting EP from Dutch producer FFF (Triple Times F) is seeing in this weeks fix as the latest vinyl release from the unstoppable driving force that is 7TH Storey Projects, a record label that over recent years has been at the forefront of a Jungle and Hardcore revival.

This 4 track extended play is nothing shy of genius, cleverly combining new-wave Jungle with raw and unadulterated old skool character. It wouldn't feel out of place tearing its way into an early Dreamscape mix nevertheless it still manages to sound fresh and stimulating to the senses, Alert & Waiting is already well on its way to being a classic!

A1 – Aptly named 'Alert & Waiting', you can see why this track is the vanguard of the release. Footwork rhythms, gritty hoover leads, rolling high hats, smashing Amen break cuts and whistle samples all make their way into this masterpiece. FFF really takes his production to new levels with Alert & Waiting, encapsulating multiple styles of Jungle and its affiliated genres from the past 30 years and nicely working it all into something that sounds almost effortless.

A2 – 'They Know' lays claim to being the Roller of this EP, with a punchy snare, dissonant chords and melodic woody percussion all helping to set a hefty pace. A moody Reese Bass drives the second half of this track through the motions as a tightly-knit hard-hitting break reminiscent of a Lemon D production or something from the early Metalheadz DnB catalogue smashes its way into the mix.

B1 – FFF kicks off the B side with 'The Way', a heavy Ragga Jungle anthem with plenty of filter sweeps and snare rolls. The fusion of Jamaican Sound Clash vocals and seductive 90s R'n'B samples that have been pitched up half an octave make The Way almost sound like a hi-res homage to some of Kid Lib's work.  The dubbed-out vibe works nicely on this one, with a healthy helping of lick shots, pull-ups and tape delay all tying the track together. 

B2 – The last track on this release is So Good, and is rightly named; because it is just so damn good! Definitely my favourite track on the EP, this production instantly stands out from the get-go. Starting off with a serene watery pad, melancholy vocal and intoxicatingly euphoric keys, So Good almost lulls you into a false sense of tranquillity before being abruptly brought to attention by a series of tearing percussion rolls and 4 bar breakbeat snippets backed by a weighty 808. FFF really smashed the ball out the park on this one, seamlessly combining 4x4 Hardcore with Darkside Jungle, consistently maintaining a fine balance between moody and euphoric. The perfect note to end on.

So without further ado, hold tight for this next fix that will be shipping out on wax later this week...