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DnB Fix 005 - Hurt Someone - Chimpo, Slay & DRS


DnB Fix 005 - Hurt Someone - Chimpo, Slay & DRS

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner three lords of Manchester have chosen the perfect time to release this sexy Drum & Bass future anthem. DRS, Slay, and Chimpo team up on ‘Hurt Someone’, released on Box ‘n’ Lock.

The track, which is produced by Chimpo himself, features verses from all three artists and is sure to be a staple selection in many a set this coming festival season.

If you’ve heard anything that DRS has put out ever, you’ll know that he is no stranger to laying down a verse on this type of fun and energetic Drum & Bass beat. His flow and bars fit the track seamlessly and the vocals go hand in hand with Chimpo’s production.

It’s also great to see Slay jumping on the 174 tip once again. Having grown up in Manchester and making a name for himself in the UK Grime scene alongside local pioneers such as Shifty, Liquid, Wrigley and more – Slay made the crossover and started spitting on Drum & Bass beats in 2018 when he first teamed up with DRS, Chimpo and Ragoloco on ‘No Trust’ (Also released on Box ‘n’ Lock).

Another 5-star beat and witty verse from Chimpo rounds off the tune as a certified summer sizzler that we’re eagerly looking forward to listening to on a beach in Croatia or through a heavy system in a sweaty basement in South Manchester.

“Hurt Someone” is available now on Bandcamp and Beatport