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Dissolved - Hallucino Attics (Exm Remix) (Section 27)


Dissolved - Hallucino Attics (Exm Remix) (Section 27)

14 minutes of your life very well spent!

Glasgow-born, Canada-based producer, Dissolved, has been making his distinctive atmosphere-heavy, melodically-tinged electronics for over a decade, allied with Nonima’s Section TwentySeven imprint. For this release he offered up several years of sounds and unused samples. Producers were chosen with care, and invited to pick from the sounds they liked and do whatever they wanted with them. The result is 23 stunning productions of great depth and diversity, from the epic Plaid-Autechre-ish hybrid of EXM, to the peaktime electro assault of Stormfield, to more hip-hoppy leanings and beyond.

The compilation will be available for free from the 30th October. Keep your eyes on http://section27netlabel.blogspot.co.at/2008/01/the-archive.html.



The project originally started via making experimental sound montages on tape equipment, taken from homemade field and radio recordings...mixed with guitar and synth textures.

Passions: nature, dreams, sound, fossils, old synths, paranormal things, films, photography, sharks and stuff!