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Desmond Denker - Strawman (Modularfield)


Desmond Denker - Strawman (Modularfield)

Evolving the sound structures of his past releases, Desmond Denker makes a second appearance this year with his new album: “And The Vague Theories”. Eleven tracks merge weightless vibes and precise beat arrangements, building up and tearing down theories revolving around Denglish cultural dialogue.

Shifting between classic uk-garage and ambient aesthetics as an excavation of the bygone Krautrock era. Desmond Denker is continuously striving for an amalgamation as the “newest wave” in instrumental music.

The album is available digitally and via cassette from the 17th November. You can pre-order here - http://store.modularfield.net/album/and-the-vague-theories.



Musician, producer, selector floating with the river Rhine.

Desmond Denker is an electronic music producer based in Cologne/Rhineland-Area, Germany. After being a live and studio musician for multiple hardcore-punk and indie-bands since the nineties, he found his producer alter-ego within the underground-hero-collective: Bambam Babylon Bajasch. Between 2004 and 2011 they were smashing stages from Hamburg to Jerusalem with their highly unique Raggapunk style. Constantly producing and selecting many different electronic genres like Jungle, Dub, Grime or Breakcore.

Two years after the 2008 technoid-Dubstep EP “boxed freedom”, he released the full-length Album “denking out the world” at Basspräsidium-Records. Those post-dubstep tunes were then presented in a dozen of shows around Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with the Dub-Duo “Hey-O-Hansen”. On the quest for new sounds and expressions, Desmond Denker formed the experimental noise and freejazz band “The Nest”, recording and producing two album records during the years following. When the Cologne-based record label “Modularfield” asked him to complete a series of three handcrafted 10”s, Desmond Denker came up with another musical approach for “MFD03” by omitting any beats and concentrating on melody and emotion. This courageous concept was honoured by Rinse FM's Mumdance with several plays and mentions. The successful cooperation with “Modularfield” is now continued this Winter with this release of "And The Vague Theories".