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DE:MA - Persistence of Visions EP (IBD002)

Release Review

DE:MA - Persistence of Visions EP (IBD002)

With his Persistence of Visions EP, DE:MA presents 3 rolling Dub-Breakbeat (is that a thing? It is now!) tracks ready for the open, peak and close of your night. 

Persistence of Visions, a murky warm-up tune, features warm swinging beats that provide space for ricocheting percussion, dragging dancers into a stoned sway and steady head-bop. 

Memory Bank, the second track, is more up-tempo and wouldn’t sound out of place in a Djrum set or on Burial’s USB stick. Tight percussion zips back and forth while ethereal pads and sound design hum through the mix to dramatic effect. 

Blue Champagne is the most upbeat of the three. Shuffling high-hats keep the subtly broken beat chugging away steadily. An uplifting key change half way through offers a glimpse into a potentially euphoric “I love you man” moment, before plummeting back to the depths from whence it came.

On remix duties are three artists offering their own interpretation of Blue Champagne

6ISS’s is distortion-heavy with industrial elements which ploughs on but can feel convoluted at times where the sounds stack up. 

The second, from Nothing is Real, introduces the first 4/4 kick drum in the EP.
It fits into the bracket of head-down Industrial Techno as it pounds alongside swirling glitches and extra-terrestrial sound effects. 

PETRU offers another four to the floor excursion, with spacious percussion that rattles in unison with ye olde kick & high-hat combo that is commonplace to this type of peak-time Techno.

DE:MA - Persistence of Visions EP (IBD002)
Out 06.06 on junodownload and 20.06 in all good online stores.