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Dane Rousay - IMP (Colour8)


Dane Rousay - IMP (Colour8)

An incredible combination of experimental percussion and field recordings...

Released Feb 23rd, pre-order here - https://colour8.bandcamp.com/album/imp-env-ep

Dane Rousay is a drummer and percussionist living in San Antonio, Texas. They perform improvised solo work on acoustic drum-kit exploring emotional overlaps of rhythm, speed, and texture. Touring as a solo artist as well as an improvising collaborator takes up most of Rousay's time (performing over 220 dates in 2017 alone).

Dane Rousay has been active in an established collaborative duo with vocalist, Svetlana Zwetkof, since 2016. Rousay has also performed with Tom Carter, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Marcus Maurice Rubio, Aurora Nealand, Parham Daghighi, Rob Cambre, Alex Cunningham, Smokey Brown, Garrett Wingfield, and Karl Roehling among many others.

Dane Rousay also works as a session musician, playing live and on recordings for various acts. Rousay is available for percussion/drum-set lessons - preferring to teach intermediate and advanced students. Personalized lessons are available over Skype and around their home state of Texas.