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Dale Cornish / Sim Hutchins - decouple][series (OOH-012)

Release Review

Dale Cornish / Sim Hutchins - decouple][series (OOH-012)

Like a magic wand, this two-track 12” split EP of far-out blissful tenderness shows that UK producers are still churning out top-quality Ambient. 

The first track on decouple ][ series comes from the Croydon master of obliqueness, Dale Cornish, with his track 'California'. On first impression, you might think is the start of a donk track with the sub-tone panned out, the kick drum spread flat, until…  you hear it is being used more and more in the outlying areas of a hypnotic realm.

Gouging out a 4/4 to a 16/16 beat with sporadic, reverbing claps, well-timed rests and misinterpretable vocal samples, Dale Cornish has his finger firmly attached to the pulse; however, it is here that Dale takes you to that place where electronic beauty abides. After circling your head and playing with your senses, this is a 9:15 minute electrocutioner ride of how to work the emotion and motion of a drum machine and has all the relevance of the term of “Sit the fuck down — listen and dance”. 

On side B of this glorious limited 300 + download release, Sim Hutchins has us looking into a summer sunset. If listening with eyes closed, it is easy to be transported to a cosmic dreamscape — a sunset glory hole of Electronica with its dreamy, algorithmic, synthed-out and bass-fueled tonic. No messing about here, 'Druk Pak' is a landscape swathed in blissful tones. 

The guys at OOH-sounds label have picked out a transatlantic duo from the UK to add to their promised package of six releases comprising select works from a selection of über Ambient producers. Undoubtedly, both Sim Hutchins and Dale Cornish deserve to be recognised as the New Ambient heads that bring the soul to the new exciting decouple ][ series.  = 10/10.

Dale Cornish / Sim Hutchins - decouple ][ series is available now on limited 12" and digital: