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dai-3 - unknown artist (hirō records)

Release Review

dai-3 - unknown artist (hirō records)

July 3rd marks the release of the third instalment in the anonymous and mysterious UK-based minimal project - hirō records. According to the label, the term 'hirō' roughly translates as ‘to signify abundance, generosity, tolerance and prosperity’. The label’s title is both a nod to the founder’s deep respect for Japanese culture and the saving qualities that music embodies.

The platform was created to operate entirely under anonymity to encourage complete musical creativity. The label is unhindered by stylistic reputation and the expectations usually placed upon artists. This anonymity helps them to reach their goal in providing ‘DJ's around the world with impassioned and intelligent house music cuts’.

With support on the past two releases from Romanian-minimal heavyweights such as Cosmjn, Barac and Subit, the label is gaining recognition for its unique spaced-out sound. This latest release carries as much impact as its predecessors and is also characterised by the ethereal mood that is fast becoming the hirō calling card.

dai-3 begins with a celestial and superlunary chord progression, which largely shapes the overall mood of the track. It is driven by its skipping high-hats and finely compressed rhythmic progressions in a style reminiscent of the label’s first release. The pulsating dubby bassline takes the song to a deeper zone, only furthered by its hypnotic soundscape and dreamy vocals (supplied by the Berlin-based artist Telva).

This is yet another excellent release from hirō; a gem that can carry as much clout on a dance-floor as it does an afterparty. Having recently caught up with the people behind the project, I am very excited for what the future holds for hirō.

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