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CRPNTR & Tzusan - Teriyaki Tape (Skoop Records)

Release Review

CRPNTR & Tzusan - Teriyaki Tape (Skoop Records)

CRPNTR and Tzusan are two serious Scottish rappers. The duo's tantalizing innovation on their new Teriyaki Tape furthers the association between production and spoken-word, incorporating hip-hop, UK bass & trap among many other genres. Recorded in a ‘semi dilapidated garden shed covered in eggboxes’ to give it that oaky timbre’ as described on their Bandcamp,Teriyaki Tape is an exciting step for their collective and Loose Lips' regular collaborators, Skoop.

‘Going in Circles’, the first track of the tape, encapsulates the poetry and experimental qualities which run throughout the whole project. Hollow bass and questioning noises reverb everywhere. Tzusan smoothly throws ‘spanners in the works’ in the production as mechanical grindings can be heard, lilting in the distance. These distorted resonating sounds are quickly accompanied with the dark, quivering words of CRPNTR. ‘Avalanche’, the second track, is a soothing ice-breaker into the duo’s world, where it is clear that settings have been a core inspiration to the artists, allowing us to plunge into their frame of minds. Tzusan underlines ‘We share a lot of tastes and influences I think and also a similar mindset when it comes to the philosophy of the artistic process’ highlighting the clear harmony between the duo.

Throughout Teriyaki Tape, bleak lyrics pervade the mind through figurative imagery, with an elegiac style underlined in the more sullen tracks such as ‘Horse’ or ‘C.Y.$.L’. Both husky voices quake, scattering black magic lyricism. Graceful shifts of attention are a natural occurrence between words and sounds, a talent only comparable to their contemporaries Mr Key and Greenwood Sharps. In ‘Vanishing Point’, trap influences embellish the interesting use of allegorical language which throws its audience into a constant reverie. Tzusan's production seems futuristic and instinctive. The instrumentals ‘カキ その他’ and ‘Teriyaki (テリヤキ)’ are a clear demonstration of the beatmakers unique talent, his tracks always remaining somewhat playful.

They've nailed it.



Released November 17, 2017