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Cressida - Ultra Violence (VOI008)


Cressida - Ultra Violence (VOI008)

While listeners are still reeling from the blistering EBM stylings of their previous release, VOITAX returns to serve up a divergent dose of grimey, industrial-edged broken beats with the label’s ninth release “Hymn To Lust“.


Persistent in their disregard for showboating, the crew continues to stick to their music-before-names policy. No names are visible on the record, for an unbiased impression of the sound. Lo-fi, energetic and crammed with attitude, it combines a dusty, 90’s Berlin punk aesthetic with primal tribal impulses.

When the sweat is dripping off the ceiling, and the floor is filled with smoke and bodies, this EP will cut right through and set the place off.

The EP is available on 12" vinyl, from the 10th April 2017. Pre-order here - https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vin...



Inspired by all things holy and unholy in the electronic music spectrum.