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Cool & Frank - Golden Wall (Sleepers Records)

Release Review

Cool & Frank - Golden Wall (Sleepers Records)

The Title banner for the Sleepers Records Soundcloud page features the iconic question from Philip K Dick, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’. The reference gives us some tips as of what to expect from the label.

The truth is that Sleepers Records has been offering up enough shinny releases to make us see them as some kind of portal into the bubbling sounds from the early rave scene, combined with an eerie melodic feeling. They have gathered a handful of solid tracks and producers, and the results are refreshing.

It fits perfectly as the first public appearance for the anonymous producer behind the imaginary duo Cool and Frank. From the opening call, ‘Bergorne’ takes us back to the mid-90s via Rephlex or Warp; the usual suspects when it comes to IDM and outer limit dance music. Yet this is more than a tribute to this golden period; it creates a bridge between past and present, and includes a lot of good taste (after all, that’s where everything starts, right?).

‘When 4 Ravers Come Crashing’ accurately captures that late night feeling when the muscular and emotional tiredness starts to come on (yet the mind keeps expanding in wild dreams). The key track of this small collection is the final shot, ‘Pipe pope Grape’. This track reunites several details displayed in a continuous acid rain: the growing, escalating 4x4 rhythm accompanies soft neon lights which attribute vivid colour to an already trippy composition.

‘Golden Wall’ does not surprise anyone; in fact, Cool & Frank knows it and leaves that challenge for others. Nevertheless, it certainly brings a couple of killer moments. An enjoyable short tale, surrounded by air crafts and exploding stars.



Released April 20, 2017