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Convergence 2017 @ Village Underground, London - 24/03/17

Event Review

Convergence 2017 @ Village Underground, London - 24/03/17

This year’s Convergence brought together three of UK's most innovative and eccentric electronic artists—Raime, Actress and Randomer—together with DJ sets by Noah Hope and Mica Levi at Shoreditch's Village Underground. Since its conception in 2014, its organisers have been meticulous in curating cutting-edge artists over the course of this 6-day music, art and technology festival based in London. In addition to the the general programming, Convergence demonstrates originality and proficiency in terms of light design, venue curation and sound design.

Wandering into the revitalised industrial building marking the site of Village Underground, it seemed that, for many, Raime’s forty-minute performance halted whatever was on their mind and created a sense of a joyous, opaque, nostalgia.  

Respectfully flowing from Raime's intense breakdown of bass, electronics, guitar and drums, Mica Levi worked the tense atmosphere, breaking it down through gradual ambience and subtle drops to provide a well-balanced atmosphere in preparation for Actress.  

Basing his set on a series of sonic movements, Actress, positioned to the left of the stage while a moniker manikin of himself claimed the centre, worked the first thirty minutes of his live set with progressive synth melodies, heavy bass backings and charismatic percussion that held unconditional precision. 


With such a diverse discography  and a new album AZD due for release on April 14, Actress delved into a mixture of what could be expected from the upcoming Ninja Tune release.  

Computer-generated madness with clarity, Actress’ compositions feel like Windows 98 on acid. Matched with an array of stunning visuals—some replicating a year 8 science class with magnets and carbon—Actress upgraded the bustling dancefloor with an updated OS of advanced technoid constructions. Concluding with the contemporary classical arrangements of grand piano, every organic structure was made to anticipate a drop that would never fall.

With such a structure, the night  felt like a string of concerts, but as the early hours progressed, Randomer reshaped the warehouse into a club environment. Buoying up the now-bustling Village Underground with his cadenced arrangements, the London-based producer had the crowd stomping to eccentric breaks, ambient textures, and luxurious 4/4 techno for the final two hours.

The night’s proceedings were a testament to the ability of a festival, such as Convergence, to deliver a consistently intriguing and forward-thinking program. 


By Blake Creighton | Loose Lips