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Concret (Tráfico)


Concret (Tráfico)

Diego Angelico Escobar is taking Mexico and The States by storm, whether it be via his own DJing as Concret or via Tráfico, his label that obsesses over rooftop parties with soundsystem extension cords that snake off the side of the building into the apartments downstairs...

Name 1 fact about Mexico you think most of our readership won’t know.

Well, I think people in Europe don't know a lot about Mexico. They think it's just Tequila, Narcos and Caribbean Sea. Anyway, an interesting thing is that Mexico City is the second city in the world, just after your beloved London, with the most museums. And another tip: Taco and Tortilla is not the same...this is like saying that sandwich and bread is the same, you know what I mean?

Most inspiring producer...

At the moment, Fango is an inspiration because of his groove and strong organic sounds. Also, Leafar Legov for the emotions and simplicity of the music's perfect melodic trip...and Trikk for the dark atmospheres and jungle-ish vibes.

Is raving necessarily rebellious?

For sure it was, but now it is more about instagram ravers...and now there is not real rebellion in doing parties - maybe the real rebellion could exist in fighting against it! Raving will always be a good excuse to celebrate the joy of living and connect with people, but now it is less focused in a rebellion against something.

Could Tráfico release a Hip Hop Record?

Of course we could! Actually, I would love to have more interesting new hip hop tracks in my hands. In Tráfico, I could definitely release a record that mixes hip hop with dub, trip hop and vaporwave - please send it to me!

Favourite location you’ve ever performed in...

That's a difficult question. Sometimes my favourite locations are the ugliest - because of the people and the vibe you just feel loved and that place stays in your memory as the most beautiful one. And it is hard to be so specific - every place has its own charm. But for sure, my 2 aesthetically favourite locations to perform are theatres for a live show and rolling open landscapes when DJing. 

Most embarrassing moment ever whilst DJing.

There is not a worse moment than when you fuck up a mix in the middle of a killer set. And in my personal experience, when you are too drunk, and you put twice the same song just because you like it...

Gabriel Sordo or Marco Balcazar?


Sum up your perception of London in 3 words.

Mary Poppins, Punk, Banks.

Favourite Brian Eno track?

Of his first period: Baby's on Fire...then Music for Airports makes me cry, sublime.

The worst thing about Mexico City’s music scene.

Corruption and ego.

The best thing about Mexico City’s music scene.

People and producers.

The quickest time in which you’ve made a track which has later been released.

I'm a slow motion producer. Maybe 2 weeks for a remix is the fastest time!

Favourite bit of production gear.

The Doepfer Dark Energy MK I vs. MK II !!

Most exciting bit of information you can share with us regarding the rest of 2017.

My collaborative project with Oaxaca artist Sabino Guisu, called Zapotec Death Poems. This will be the birth of my full live experience called (Concret)3=XYZ...and the birth of the new music and graphic identity of my label, Tráfico Music.