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Cid Poitier - Earth Cry EP (Sub:Clef Records)

Release Review

Cid Poitier - Earth Cry EP (Sub:Clef Records)

For the Earth Cry EP, Cid Poitier made four compositions that take the listener on a journey through natural environments and through spheres of artificiality, while also managing to blur genres. In many ways, the pieces could not differ more from each other, yet there are still influences and musical elements that can be discovered throughout the whole EP. Signature bass and rhythmic arrangements, low frequencies resonating as low as 27hz, progressive stylistic devices and organic orchestral instruments guide the listener through the four soundscapes. 

It doesn't take much to see Cid Poitier's intentions here. Expressed through initially indistinct voices that evolve into powerful vocals, the tunes 'Arrival', 'Earth Cry', 'Amygdala' and 'Empathy 101' shape a construct aiming to interpret and simultaneously raise awareness of World Environment Day, with a clear dedication to the subject of climate change.

In 'Arrival', the journey starts with an almost dystopian atmosphere in which powerful voices lead an excursion through alternating sub-bass frequencies, sketching a sonic image in between Sub-Electronica and Techno-/Drone-based influences. 'Earth Cry', representing the title track of the ep, combines dub and mechanical beat arrangements with melancholic orchestral elements such as strings, forming a partly experimental and partly ethnic and culturally-influenced piece that outline musical contrasts in the process.

With 'Amygdala', anatomically named after a part of the limbic system responsible for fear conditioning in our brain, the journey continues to a place highly rhythmic and oriental evolution. An intense off-beat, dark cello strings fuse and hypnotic vocals float the listener into clearness. "If you can't save people from destruction, what can you do?"

Vibrating mid-level noise sets the last tune of the EP — 'Empathy 101' — into motion. Comprising sub-bass and an exciting, stumbling, percussive scheme and some charged vocals, the EP concludes with a post-grime skank. Layers of heavy bass shuffle alongside the pertinent rhythmic and percussive patterns.

Earth Cry EP is a fine symbiosis of genres, ethnic influences, and emotions. Subliminally, Cid Poitier tells a truly accessible story to over the course of the four tracks. Released on June 5, 2019, Earth Cry EP is available from the Sub:Clef Bandcamp page on Vinyl and Digital ('PAY AS LITTLE OR AS MUCH AS YOU WISH').