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CICCONE - Selchower (CICCONE#3)


CICCONE - Selchower (CICCONE#3)

Incredible post-rock-ish ambience...

Pre-order the whole EP here - https://itunes.apple.com/es/album/ciccone-03-single/1348379325.

CICCONE is a labour of love by Diego Delgado http://www.diegodelgado.com/en. A graphic designer and videographer originally hailing from Madrid and based in Berlin. Accompanied by 16mm video projections, the live project is a semi-improvised journey through his musical influences, touching on ambient, noise, shoegaze, motorik rhythms and experimental techno. He is a part of recently launched Octubre.tv, a music platform and live music video producers. They started this year with the project of creating a label that will be releasing music in vinyl, cassette and digitally.