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Church Andrews & Matt Davies - Bronko (HEALTH-06D)


Church Andrews & Matt Davies - Bronko (HEALTH-06D)

Simple in its form, Bronko is a substantially intricate marvel resulting from the interaction of acoustic and digital mediums, giving not only this piece, but the whole release a refined and emotionally-driven feel. A masterpiece, no less.

From Church Andrews & Matt Davies' NEIGHBOURS on Health.

Out 16.10.2020 on digital - Pre-order: https://health.bandcamp.com/album/neighbours


The duo use drum triggers at the heart of the writing process and performance, sending rhythmic information to a laptop. This information is then used to trigger chords and midi sequences, of digitally synthesized sounds which develop and automate in response to the drums.
They work extensively with alternate tunings to the standard 12 note system including intonation or observed tunings derived from instruments and music from all across the world. Rhythmically the music features an array of different time signatures and subdivisions taking influence from not only electronic music but also traditional rhythms from West Africa and Indian classical music. Matt’s setup for this project includes some unique instruments such as a marching snare drum, and acoustic ‘clap’ cymbal, and various items of tuned percussion.
The minimal nature of the setup which features a maximum of 4 synths (including drum synthesis) and live drums invites the listener into a small acoustic space in which everything is heard clearly, much like the cramped North London studio in which these tracks have been recorded. The limitations to their setup have allowed the compositional process to be refined through experimentation of its possibilities.